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Portable High Performance Audio Devices for All

Powerfull audio components elegantly designed for simple plug & play use.  EarMen products are designed and engineered by Miki Trosic, renowned thoughout the audio industry as the founder of Auris Audio. Manufactured in Europe to ensure the highest standards in production quality.

Introducing EarMen - Portable Audio Freedom For All

They say...

"Suprisingly open sound and large dinamic range for such a small box. The sound coming from it is with a lot of details especially in mid and high range and even with such precise reproduction. Everything is still so natural. I would like to say that Donald DAC can compare with much (read: much much) more expensive DAC converters. Congratilations!"

Sasa Cokic - Trafomatic Audio

Just try it! No need for other headphone DAC/Amp anymore!

Sam Samuels


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