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EarMen CH-Amp

Desktop Fully Balanced Headphone Amp/Preamp

Earmen, a step further...

After the successful launch of small portable devices at the market, EarMen has taken it a step further and prepared specially designed line of devices for you, that will give you real and unique pleasure in listening to music. Introducing EarMen CH-Amp, a desktop fully balanced headphone amplifier designed to deliver exceptional audio performance and enhance your music listening pleasure. With outstanding features and a robust linear power supply unit, CH-Amp sets a new standard in desktop audio amplification.

CH-Amp Features

  • External low noise linear power supply
  • Composite amplifier topology
  • Output power up to 3.8W
  • Fully balanced architecture
  • Gain control
  • Ultra low THD and SNR
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Remote controler

Unleash the Power of Composite Amplifier Topology

The CH-Amp incorporates a Composite Amplifier Topology, combining the best of both worlds with excellent DC and AC characteristics. Unlike traditional power amplifiers that can experience errors and performance degradation when driving heavy loads, the composite op-amp eliminates these issues, ensuring optimal circuit performance. Benefit from improved DC output-offset and enhanced overall circuitry performance with the CH-Amp.

Unparalleled Design and Construction

EarMen CH-Amp is meticulously crafted with high-quality components, including WIMA capacitors, audio electrolytes, MELF low noise resistors, and SoundPlus OPA1642 operational amplifiers. This carefully chosen combination results in a neutral sound signature and exceptional characteristics, including low signal-to-noise ratio, ultra-low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), and excellent frequency response. Experience pristine audio reproduction and plenty of power, even under high loads.

Flexible Connectivity and Control

CH-Amp offers two key features: preamp outs and a gain switch. Take advantage of the balanced and single-ended preamp outputs, allowing you to connect powered monitors for a complete audio system. The gain switch provides precise control over output level and impedance, ensuring optimal matching with your headphones. Tailor your audio experience to perfection with EarMen CH-Amp.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

CH-Amp features a full block aluminum chassis, guaranteeing durability and robustness. Its compact design allows seamless integration into any environment or home audio system. The PCB is securely embedded within the solid aluminum housing, providing enhanced protection and insulation against external influences. Enjoy a reliable and long-lasting audio companion with EarMen CH-Amp.

Fully Balanced Architecture for Pure Sound

EarMen CH-Amp embraces a fully balanced architecture, preserving the integrity of the audio signal from the source to the output. The balanced outputs remain intact and are only amplified, ensuring pristine sound reproduction. The single-ended inputs are expertly converted to balanced signals without phase shift or imbalance, guaranteeing optimal phase alignment. Say goodbye to unwanted artifacts and immerse yourself in pure audio bliss.

Extra Low Linear Power Supply

With the CH-Amp, you also receive an extra low noise linear power supply designed without compromise, using top-of-the-line components and the latest circuit design techniques. EarMen's linear power supply is both reliable and simplistic, producing minimal noise for an undistorted audio experience. It is custom-made for our devices to deliver exceptional efficiency and exceed your expectations. Furthermore, it includes protection against current overload, short circuit, and thermal overload, adhering to the highest safety standards.

Release the Full Potential: Create Your All-in-One System

The EarMen Linear power supply can be seamlessly connected to the EarMen Tradutto DAC and EarMen Staccato Streamer, transforming your setup into a powerful all-in-one audio system. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a unified audio solution without compromising on performance.


Inputs L 1 RCA 
  L 2 RCA 
  L 3 Balanced 4.4 mm
Outputs SE 6.35mm
  Balanced 4.4mm
Pre Outputs RCA SE output
  Balanced  4.4mm
Dimensions  150x30x150 mm / 5,9"x1,18"x5,9"
Weight 550 gr / 1,21lbs
PSU Dimensions   150x60x150 mm / 5,9"x2,36"x5,9"
PSU Weight 1590 gr / 3,52 lbs
  Single-ended output
SE Input BAL Input
Output Level 7Vrms  11Vrms 
Max Power 1,5 W 3,8 W
THD+N 0.0008% 0.0005%
SNR >116dB >118dB
Freq. Response ±0.005dB ±0.005dB


  Fully Balanced Output
  SE Input BAL Input
Output Level 7Vrms  11Vrms 
Max Power 1,5 W 3,8 W
THD+N 0.0008% 0.0007%
SNR >118B >119dB
Freq. Response ±0.005dB ±0.005dB
Gain High Low
SE 6.35mm 7V (1.5W / 32Ω) 2.9V (260mW / 32Ω)
Balanced 4.4mm 11V (3.8W / 32Ω) 5.5 V (1W / 32Ω)


Pre Out Balanced output Single-end Output
Output Level 8V 4V
Output Impedance 200Ω 100 Ω


EarMen CH-Amp User Manual: 

The device must be turned on initially using the volume knob


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